Bistro l'heritage - French Film Festival special menu

We are thrilled to be a part of the 35th Alliance Française French Film Festival. Join us at the Orpheum cinema for two delectable events, where we’ll be serving up traditional French amuse-bouches before the screening.
It’s a rendez-vous not to be missed!

The Taste of things

Step into the delectable world of The Taste of Things, where culinary artistry and personal passion merge in a sumptuous tale. Follow Eugenie, a renowned and seasoned cook, on her extraordinary journey alongside Dodin, a discerning gourmet with whom she has shared a professional bond for over two decades. In this delectable film, their enduring partnership in the kitchen unveils a symphony of flavors, emotions, and secrets. The Taste of Things invites cinephiles to savour a heartwarming and savoury story of gastronomic excellence, friendship, and the enduring love for the culinary arts. A film sure to get your tastebuds watering.

The Intouchables

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the French Film Festival, the Alliance Francaise asked for the public for the top French film pick from the festival’s history!

You picked the special screening of Intouchables, as the best film of the Alliance Francaise French Festival! Come and indulge in the heartwarming and uplifting film that stole your hearts and became an international sensation and start the celebration with delicious amuses-bouches from our restaurant.